Your Trusted Financial & Development Partner for Clean and Renewable Energy Projects

Clean & Renewable Energy Funding (CARE) was founded to provide our clients with the decades of experience in general equipment leasing as well as project finance that we have developed implementing clean and renewable energy projects and financing all types of equipment for commercial, retail, institutional and governmental customers nationwide. 

The clean and renewable energy businesses have been transformed from cottage businesses into the fastest growing industry in this nation's economy. Every day we hear that it has become one of the largest sources of new jobs in the US.


Our mission at CARE Funding is to provide our clients and participants in the renewable energy industry with the financial tools, experience and knowledge needed to succeed in meeting their growth goals. We are here to provide these financial tools as well as the success based experience required to develop financial and marketing strategies that will enable our clients to achieve greater success.

Mission Statement

Apply our market knowledge, industry experience and financial expertise to help our clients achieve successful implementation of their projects nationwide.



What we do


CARE Funding focuses on providing sound project analysis, project development, financial structuring and funding services nationwide for :

  • renewable and clean energy generation - Solar, Solar-Thermal, fuel cells 
  • biomass and waste to energy  
  • waste heat recovery projects. 
  • structuring and implementing renewable sales financing programs nationwide
    • capital and operating lease contracts
    • PPA and Prepaid PPA contracts
    • PACE leveraged PPA contracts
    • PACE financing in eligible counties 
  • financing for our client's general equipment needs via equipment leasing and asset based financing.

Our clients gain the advantage of our decades of experience in these markets. 


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